Edward, I enjoyed your workshop at the Michigan Non-Profit Association Super Conference. You make the prospect of grant writing something to look forward to with your easy-to-follow tips for high impact and engaging presentation style, regardless of the skill level with which you enter the workshop. I would recommend this workshop to everyone!


Senior Director of Foundation Relations,
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Michigan

Edward, your workshop has proven invaluable. I have thus far submitted 8 grants utilizing your format and 7 grants have been approved for funding! I very much recommend your workshop to anyone interested in learning how to write highly effective proposals or anyone seeking a refresher grant writing workshop.


Emergency Response Director,
Highland Community Action Agency, Hillsboro, Ohio

Hello Edward. For years, After your class, I now know that a grant development team is the only way to go. By working as a team, you get to bounce ideas around and it lends different viewpoints to the problem at hand. Thank you for all of the information you provided and I look forward to staying in contact with you as I work on future projects.


Program Manager,
GHBC Foundation, Duncan, SC

Edward Wollmann’s presentation on High Impact Grant Proposals at the Michigan Rehabilitation Conference last week was one of the best presentations on grant proposals I’ve ever been to. He was enthusiastic and really engaged the audience. Many of our community rehabilitation organizations were there and as a grant reviewer, I would hope that the participants will use the tools he provided to create high impact proposals that Michigan Rehabilitation Services could fund in the future


Grants and Resource Development Dept.,
Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Lansing, Michigan

Edward, I want to personally thank you for the excellent grant writing workshop you put on. So many education seminars are so poorly presented and dry that an outstanding presentation such as yours, shines brightly. Not only was the information helpful and informative but the interaction you created within the class was inspired.
We all appreciated the opportunities to share and learn together. Besides learning the process of proposal writing I also wanted to learn where to apply for funding. I cannot speak any more clearly than to say that I will recommend your Grant Writing Workshop to everyone I think can benefit from it.


Development Services Director,
Abbeville County, South Carolina

I recently attended Edward's grant writing seminar and I was blown away by the practical, applicable, eye opening and strategic information he shared about the wonderful, but complex world of grants. He delivered a power-pack training that made me not want to leave my seat.I was in awe of how he shared so much insightful information that really demystified some areas of grant research that I always wondered about, but never found the answers to. I could have stayed all night and all day long to absorb the knowledge this man has about everything grants!


Federal Grants Project Director,
State of Georgia University System, Athens, GA

Mr Wollmann, let me, first of all, say that that your grant writing course was one the most insightful seminars that I've ever had the opportunity to attend. The pace was comfortable and the information abundant. The information was almost to the point of overwhelming. Thanks again for a job well done!


City of Cincinnati Government,
City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Edward, my staff was very pleased and enthusiastic about the grant writing workshop you did for our AmeriCorps*VISTA Continued Development Training. The topic is obviously near and dear to MY heart, and yours as well, but was something new for us in the Michigan CNCS State Office for CDT trainings. But it worked out well and you kept it light and lively. Thanks again!


Michigan State Director,
Corporation for National and Community Service, Detroit, Michigan

I signed up for a 3-day grant writing workshop led by Edward Wollman and I had absolutely no knowledge of the grant writing process how to find them, how to prepare for them, or how to write them. After his workshop, I left with plenty of new-found confidence and a solid game plan on how to tackle the ins and outs of writing successful grants. The class materials were comprehensive, well-organized, and would be helpful to grant writers at all levels of experience. Bottom line: Mr. Wollmann knows grants!


USF Collaborative for Children, Families and Communities,
University of South Florida, Tampa Bay, Florida

Dear Edward: I have raved about your grant writing course to anyone who wants to hear about it. Although some sections are geared to American context, understandably, I benefited much from the overall content and from your great disposition and sense of humor. Time well spent, money my boss is happy to have spent. I will surely try to take the next course. Saludos!


HIV/AIDS CBR Capacity Building Program,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

As a scientist at the Department of Energy Savannah River National Laboratory we must submit grant proposals in order to receive funding. I needed a way to start besides doing the same routine, I needed another perspective on grant writing as a whole. I definitely received it at the grant writing workshop through Ed Wollmann. He was right on target on how I needed to change my way of thinking… and how to approach the whole grant writing process.


Department Geologist,
Savannah River National Laboratory, Athens, GA

Hello Mr. Wollmann: Thanks for such a great grant writing class. It was very informative and I really got a lot from the many topics discussed. I plan to use many of the techniques discussed to help guide me through our many grant opportunities. Again, thanks for providing this valued information. Hope to be able to attend another training you offer. Definitely looking forward to staying in touch with you.


Grants Coordinator,
City of Hinesville, Georgia

Dear Edward, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop at the University of Central Florida in Orlando back in June. I recently assisted on a Federal grant writing application. Wow! I think I'd prefer to stick to the Foundation grants. One may be coming up soon. Anyhow, thanks again for a great workshop!


Prevention and Education Coordinator, Department of Health,
City of Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Edward: Your presentation definitely had a “Wow” factor! Great job! I found your insight and “behind the scenes” stories to be extremely valuable. I learned a lot, and am now in the process of “translating” and organizing my extensive notes. Thanks for the advice and recommendations. I now have some new ideas to pursue. I appreciate the assistance and encouragement. It’s the participation, teamwork, and technicalities that make the difference. Thanks to your presentation, I came away with a clear understanding of what it takes to develop and write a good proposal. Now all I have to do is get my feet wet! Thanks!


Customer Relations Manager,
Legal Edge Paralegal Services, Peoria, Arizona

Our department has been successful in getting grants, but we were going on our instincts and not writing them in a systematic way. After attending the workshop conducted by Mr. Wollmann, I now feel that we have the way, the know how to write professional award winning grants. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone!


Assistant Manager,
Orange County Library, Orlando, Florida

Good morning, Ed, Thank you again for leading the terrific grant-writing workshop at the University of Texas, in San Antonio earlier this month. I got a great deal of very useful grants information from it, and from you. Some of the resources will also be of great help to the M. D. Anderson Medical faculty. Thanks again, and have a marvelous day.


Scientific Editor,
University of Texas, Houston, Texas

Mr. Wollmann, I was in your grant writing workshop in Portland, Oregon at the end of September. Thanks so much for doing this workshop. I really enjoyed your class and I learned a tremendous amount of information! Hopefully it will pay off for the Math Learning Center and me!


Math Learning Center,
University of Portland, Portland, Oregon

As a college music professor, I am in constant need of alternative funding for art events. I attended a grant workshop presented by Edward Wollmann and found the material both informative and practical. Although I had some grant writing experience, I learned a lot at this workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in writing effective grant proposals.


Fine Arts Department,
Chipola College, Mariana, Florida

I signed up for the grant writing course with a need for funding and zero knowledge of the grant writing process. In three days, I learned to truly define my funding need, write a proposal with others, access the tools and make new friends of funders. All of us had Aha! moments specific to our areas of interest that made the process especially rewarding and useful. I have no doubt we can get funding for the health needs of our students. Thank you!


Assistant Director of Health Services,
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Edward, I really enjoyed the grant writing class and learned a lot. You really accelerated me up the learning curve on program planning and grant proposal writing. If I’d had the chance to complete a course evalua-tion, I would have given you high marks all around. Not only did you have command of the subject matter, you very skillfully handled a large group in less than an ideal setting. The materials and web tips were also really great. Thanks again for a great class. I’ll let you know if the class bears fruit for Lafayette County.


County Administrator,
Lafayette County, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Wollmann, I want to thank you for the three exciting days about grant writing. I have learned a lot. Especially your last session on relationship building was something that I have never considered. It was very powerful. Your workshop has helped me to think of new ways to collaborate with other organizations in our community. Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.


Associate Professor of Architecture,
Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan

Edward: I am sending this email to say “Thank You” for presenting the Grants 101 in San Antonio and giving us “AHA” & “KA-CHING” moments! I also appreciate your efforts to make the class not just informative but enjoyable as well. Again, “Thank You”, it was a pleasure to be in your grant writing class.


Program Manager,
Giddings Economic Development Corporation, San Antonio Texas

Edward Wollmann's grant-writing course will surprise you. At every turn, he's got practical advice that can be used in almost any grant-writing scenario. From start to finish, I found myself apply-ing his suggestions and making important connections to proposals I had in the works. Whatever your experience level, you're certain to benefit from his course.

A.J. ANGULO, Ed. D.,

Assistant Professor,
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Elegantly simple–that is how I would describe Edward’s method of grant writing. Attending his workshop this fall helped me refocus on clear, compelling, and effective grant writing.


Center for Healthcare Policy and Innovation,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota