The Insiders Directory to Michigan Foundations

How the Insider’s Directory to Grants in Michigan can help you achieve grants success!

1Thousands of Michigan grant funders

The Insider’s Directory connects subscribers with over 1,800 Michigan-based grant funding opportunities every year. So you no longer have to spend hundreds of hours looking for grant funding.

2High quality grant funding prospect

The Insider’s Directory has been carefully researched and compiled by grants funding experts. This means the funding opportunities you receive will be high quality funding prospects.

3Access is easy and convenient

The Insider’s Directory is a monthly PDF download that connects you with hundreds of grant funding opportunities every month. No more searching for funders anymore. Instead, they come to you.

4A focus on Michigan foundations

The Insider’s Directory focuses on Michigan foundations because they make most of their grants in Michigan. This means your grant applications will have a better chance of getting funded.

5You have less competition

The Insider’s Directory focuses on Michigan foundations that don’t have websites, but that make millions of dollars in grants. This gives you a much better chance of getting funded.

Get started on the road to grant funding success today!

6You have more time to write grants

The Insider’s Directory gives you between 30 to 60 days to complete your grant applications. Because you have more time to write your grant applications, that also means better grants.

7You can submit more grants

Over 1,800 funding opportunities to choose from means you are able to submit more grant applications. And more grant applications also means more grant funding.

8You receive ongoing grants support

The Insider’s Directory is a comprehensive funding data base that also contains step-by-step guidelines on how to develop effective grant proposals to Michigan foundations.

9Enjoy increased grants success today

The Insider’s Directory monthly funding announcements begin to arrive the same day you subscribe. This means you can start on the road to increased grants funding success today.

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